Monday, 26 September 2011

A warning.....

The Red Ant is one of the commonest and there are eight species of them here in the UK.
Their sting is the piercing type and can be painful.
Colonies of 100 to 300 can be found under stones and paving or sometimes rotting tree trunks, in most gardens, which is where I was, doing some weeding by hand, when I uncovered a nest of red ants, and dropped the weeds, and retired from the area - too late though! As you can see by the picture above, of the bite I received, the incision and poison still in my leg, after about 6 weeks of being bitten!

“I felt nothing at the time, but later when I went to work, it felt hot, and I noticed a small swelling, that grew in severity of pain as time went by, and I began to feel bilious and unwell.
When I got home, I had stomach pains and was sick.
The swelling got bigger and more painful, and the poison spread widely, eventually I went to the medical centre, ans discovered it was due to a Red Ant bite.

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