Thursday, 21 June 2012


Margaret - Stewarts carer, and Theatre Royal Concessions Stand manageress... oh and an Angel!

The lovely Margaret outside of Stewart's front door

Margaret & Stewart pose outside of Stewart's front door
The lovely Margaret fondles Cloe - lucky cat!

Margaret & workmate at the Theatre Royal

Margaret busy working in the Theatre Royal Foyer

Margaret checking on Stewards medication list

The lovely Margaret outside of Stewart's scooter-shed

The delectable Margaret making a cuppa
The hard working Margaret in Stew's front room
Margaret concentrating on sorting Stewart's washing out

Margaret on the phone for me, sorting dentist appointment, bless her! 

Margaret with her attractive smile

Margaret with her new hair style - cor!!
Margaret tending Stewart's needs

Margaret and Stew having a nosh after visiting GP

Monday, 26 September 2011

A warning.....

The Red Ant is one of the commonest and there are eight species of them here in the UK.
Their sting is the piercing type and can be painful.
Colonies of 100 to 300 can be found under stones and paving or sometimes rotting tree trunks, in most gardens, which is where I was, doing some weeding by hand, when I uncovered a nest of red ants, and dropped the weeds, and retired from the area - too late though! As you can see by the picture above, of the bite I received, the incision and poison still in my leg, after about 6 weeks of being bitten!

“I felt nothing at the time, but later when I went to work, it felt hot, and I noticed a small swelling, that grew in severity of pain as time went by, and I began to feel bilious and unwell.
When I got home, I had stomach pains and was sick.
The swelling got bigger and more painful, and the poison spread widely, eventually I went to the medical centre, ans discovered it was due to a Red Ant bite.


Yana - The Wonder-Dog

The Blue Staffordshire with a difference.
She is gentle,
She is obedient,
She is wonderful with people,
She loves being around children,
Playing ball games,
And entertaining us!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

British History Quiz

Question 1

In 1960, what did a 7" single record cost?
A: 6/3d (31p)
B: 8/6d (42.5p)
C: £1

Question 2

 Britain's first 'detector' van had been introduced in 1926 to catch radio listeners without a compulsory ten shilling licence) and at the end of 1951 there were 12.5 million broadcasting licenses issued of which only 1.2 million included television sets but the video revolution had begun and more than 67,000 new TV licences were being issued each month.
Which year was this Commer Detector Van pictured, made? The registration number will help you here!
A: 1959
B: 1962
C: 1968

Question 3
What was Qxydol?
A: A Pain Killer
B: A Soap Powder
C: A TV drama Series

Question 4

Man From Uncle TV series - which year did it start showing on TV?
A: 1959
B: 1964
C: 1969

Question 5

Which year did the Farthing cease to be legal tender?
A: 1954
B: 1960
C: 1966

Question 6

Which year did the Aztec bar first go in sale in britain?
A: 1958
B: 1961
C: 1967

Question 7
Which of these three cars, is the Austin Atlantic A90?

Question 8

Fry's 5 Boys Chocolate bars, which year did they first go on sale in the UK?
A: 1902
B: 1950
C: 1971

Question 9

Ration Books?
'The colour of your ration book was very important as it made sure you go the right amount and types of food needed for your health.
Buff-coloured ration books - Most adults had this colour
Green ration books - Pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under 5. They had first choice of fruit, a daily pint of milk and a double supply of eggs.
Blue ration books - Children between 5 and 16 years of age. It was felt important that children had fruit, the full meat ration and half a pint of milk a day.What year

What year did was their use ended?
A: 1946
B: 1954
C: 1960

Question 10

What was the population of Britain in 1952?
A: 32 millon
B: 40 million
C: 50 million

Answers below, try not to peep before trying the quiz!

1) A

2) C

3) B

4) B

5) B

6) C

7) A

8) A

9) B

10) C